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Where did Mankind come from?


Mankind, both male and female, is created in the image and likeness of God. The account of Man’s creation is found in the first two chapters...

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Who is the Holy Spirit?

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The Holy Spirit is perhaps the least understood member of the Triune God. He the third person of the Trinity, co-equal with...

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What is Sin?


It would be fantastic if every human being was by nature loving, patient, kind, and full of goodness. But that isn’t our reality...

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What are "Spiritual Gifts"?


The New Testament has a lot to say about spiritual gifts. The first thing to note is that gifts (and talents) are different than...

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What is the church?


God created man to live in community, and the church is the expression of that community...

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Is Critical Race Theory compatible with the Bible?


This all depends on what someone means by CRT. If it means there are racial and ethnic disparities in the United States that have persisted despite decades of...

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What is the Bible?


The Bible is an amazing book, or rather a collection of 66 books divided into two parts with a common theme....

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Is Modern Evolutionary Theory Compatible with the Bible?


The short answer is, NO. But we must first distinguish between micro- and macro-evolution...

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Who is God?


This is the most important question one can ask. The Bible is clear that God exists. The first words of the Bible are, “In the beginning God...

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What is the Trinity?

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The Trinity is a difficult concept to grasp. Is there one God? Or are there three? These, and other questions have perplexed people through the ages...

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